Quality at Par Pharmaceutical meets extensive governmental regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration and, as applicable, regulatory standards and other external requirements.  It represents a standard of dependability, safety and effectiveness that can be achieved only when it is infused throughout the entire organization and is embraced by all team members.

By living this commitment to quality each day, Par Pharmaceutical brings a level of excellence to the pharmaceutical industry that distinguishes it from the competition.

Quality Driven

Experienced and dedicated team of professionals at every level of the organization committed to bringing high-quality products to market that are the therapeutic equivalent of the brand-name pharmaceuticals.

Global Manufacturing

Dedicated teams located in both the US and India.

Track Record of Quality and Consistency

Operational excellence with well-established reputation for quality, compliance and customer service.

Supply Chain

High performance ratings for our ability to quickly respond to trade-customer product and service needs and efficient distribution operations that ship product to wholesalers and retailers throughout the US.