Our streamlined, flexible partnership approach accommodates companies, institutions and other organizations that cross all types, sizes, and product and service categories, from Big Pharma and product-development startups to our generic-sector peers.

With almost 40 years' experience in the US generic pharmaceutical market, we provide unparalleled experience across the value chain, including the following:

Sales & Marketing

Well established, seasoned sales, marketing and reimbursement team of more than 100 world-class professionals.

Intellectual Property Expertise

Direct and immediate access to a host of industry experts who specialize in all areas of intellectual property.

Regulatory & Medical Affairs

Fully integrated team of senior medical and regulatory affairs professionals with broad therapeutic experience.

Product Development Expertise/Guidance

Highly entrepreneurial product development team with proven track record of excellence in product selection, acquisitions and in-licensing.

Highly Compliant Manufacturing

Operational excellence in quality and compliance, with in-house, US-based manufacturing capability with distribution operations that ship product to wholesalers and retailers throughout the United States.